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June 2021

When did I become a writer?

I’ve never considered myself to be a writer; Just an average person who writes in her personal blog from time to time. Sometimes I wonder if anyone other than just a couple friends or family members take the time to read. It doesn’t matter though, I write in my blog because it brings me joy. Ideally, I would like to think that somewhere, someone is inspired by my writing, and might actually the time to consider my advice. I have been left speechless a couple times when people mention my blog, like a specific entry that they read, and LOVED!… Read More »When did I become a writer?


Life with your littles, they fill your heart with love. Any request, big or small. For them, you do it all. You’re Supermom. You don the crown. Yet at times your world feels upside down. You worry about the dishes, the floors, the chores… Stress over doing more… Should you be trying harder? Being better? Expectations set, but even after they’re met, your quest to exceed them remains. Feelin’ that momma drain. But fret not momma, cast those worries aside, they will not remember the cleanliness in which they reside, or an experience left untouched, forever denied. What will they… Read More »SUPERMOM