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March 2023

Defining Self Care

Ahhh yes, self care. We all need it, and the clever memes of modern society have pushed us all to know it–but do you actually get it? And when you DO manage to find a few beautiful scraps of me-time, do you allow yourself the freedom to enjoy it? Or does it further add to your exhaustion? For example: There I was, planning a night out–the first in a very long time–but found myself standing in the kitchen reeling over the to-do list: put away the groceries, clean the kitchen and make dinner, but also get dressed, do my hair,… Read More »Defining Self Care

stop multi-tasking, find your focus, and live life to the fullest.

Struggle with multi-tasking? Me too. So let’s just do ourselves a favour and never do it again! (Wait, what?) Don’t fret, I’ll explain how that’s totally reasonable, and why multi-tasking is physically impossible to achieve. I listened to a podcast recently that dove into this very issue, and offers solutions on how to find your focus instead. (no I won’t tell you that you have to listen to the podcast, but I will say you’ll LOVE it if you have the time to! Link at the bottom) Anyways, the podcast guest is Dr. Amishi Jha, and she’s the expert of focus and attention. She… Read More »stop multi-tasking, find your focus, and live life to the fullest.