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Broccoli Socks.

One never expects to need broccoli socks in your life, until you have them… And suddenly, you wonder how you ever survived without! Happy little green bushes plastered over a backdrop of sunshine yellow. Goofy and random, yes, but also just enough to bring a smile to anyone who is lucky enough to notice them. Kids especially –Some of the kindergarten kids I work with have difficulties transitioning to new activities, but a perfectly timed broccoli sock distraction and we’re back on track! Hooray! A delightful little ray of sunshine amidst a routine of grey.

…and why shouldn’t it be this way? A mundane everyday activity turned extraordinary, an act of necessity becomes amusing, simply socks, an unsuspecting source of happiness…

Life’s happy little things, a source of delight I seek out regularly, while at the same time encouraging others to do the same. Life is what we make it. And the little things are what bring value and meaning to it.

So, what happy little thing made your day today?

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The writer is showing off her broccoli socks; They're bright yellow with green toes and happy little broccoli bushes scattered all over.

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