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Gaining some clarity–cards!

Until recently I never would have defined myself as “a writer,” but hey! Here we are! And what a beautiful place to be. Thoughts, they pour from my fingers, eager to create, inspire… I am endlessly grateful for the early days of my blog, the journey it started me on, and the final product: a creative outlet that feeds my soul. This new label, Tara-the writer, continues to be a bit confusing for me. Still, I embrace it, and have decided to take my writing more seriously. So, as we do in the modern world, I took to the web,… Read More »Gaining some clarity–cards!

When did I become a writer?

I’ve never considered myself to be a writer; Just an average person who writes in her personal blog from time to time. Sometimes I wonder if anyone other than just a couple friends or family members take the time to read. It doesn’t matter though, I write in my blog because it brings me joy. Ideally, I would like to think that somewhere, someone is inspired by my writing, and might actually the time to consider my advice. I have been left speechless a couple times when people mention my blog, like a specific entry that they read, and LOVED!… Read More »When did I become a writer?