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Covid burnout, it’s real. Surreal…

It’s got me reeling… Writhing, despising.

…I feel it down to my core.

Isolation. Restrictions. Can’t do this, no more!

But make the best of it, we’re told.

Left sitting at home, grasping tightly at my sanity, I hold.

Be strong, be bold.

Yet under the pressure I feel the trembling.

The ground beneath shaking… Quaking.

Like a storm that is building, just waiting…

Survive. Hold close the ones you love. 

United, we pray to heaven above.

Find peace within your every day.

An ounce of happiness, make way.

For with time, we’ll look back, we’ll say:

Remember the Covid days?

The past couple days I’ve really been feeling the Covid burnout. I want to see my whole family, I want to have friends over, I want to introduce my baby to the world, and most of all, I want freedom of choice! The freedom to choose my day to day outings. Freedom to plan gatherings, of any size, at any location. I just want normal back… Everyday I try to focus on something that brings me happiness, and some days are easier than others; But I always find myself smiling at the same things over and over: My 3 guys ♥️♥️♥️ With them, I can make it through…

Hang in there everyone.

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