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December is here! and you know what that means… A schedule full of festive celebrations, get togethers with friends and family, holiday parties, and to-do lists that bust at the seams–I’m exhausted just thinking about it. 

It’s got me reflecting a lot–mostly thanks to last weeks newsletter: how to show up in life–and have been debating what that can look like through the busiest time of the year…

So…how exactly do we get through it, AND enjoy it?

Enter my list of December rules. Well, its not really a list of rules, more like a single rule. But, it’s not really a rule either, just a reminder. And with this reminder I hope you can slow down, and remind yourself why December RULES! 😎 heh.

If you’ve followed my work for a while you probably know I love to talk about all the happy little things in life, and that is exactly how you’re going to survive this season. S-L-O-W it down whenever you can. Plunk yourself right in the middle of it all, and notice when memories are being made–and soak it in. 

Yeah, yeah, I know, easier said than done. The to-do list won’t do itself, and you’re still required to show up… So, amidst your busy-ness, I offer you this: consider the moments that you and your family will remember weeks from now, months from now, even years from now. Spend just a little extra time in that space, and realize that happiness does not rely on simply getting the to-do list done.

Not sure where to start? Let’s go with a list of my personal favourites:
*The first snow.      
–And lucky us, it stuck around this year! Which brings me to:
*Building snowmen and sledding.
*Coming in from the cold to a hot chocolate–and marshmallows.
*Watching holiday movies with family (My favourite? Rudolph! You know, the cheesy stop-motion cartoon)
*Making and building gingerbread. (My son is convinced that it’s Santa’s favourite, so we make it every year)
*Driving around and looking at the light displays.
*Oh, Christmas tree! (sure the decorating process can be a bit chaotic, but I love seeing it all come together)
*Getting the christmas tree (We go to a tree farm & cut it down ourselves, and this year was especially magical as we trudged through the snow!)
*Coming around the corner on christmas morning, and feeling the magic in the room.
*CHRISTMAS SWEATERS–and socks (not necessarily a memory, but sure lifts my spirits while running around in the chaos, LOL)
     –and my favourite: 
*Seeing the smile on my oldest son’s face, and the magic in his eyes, as we venture through the season; and the smile on my youngest son’s face as he discovers the magic.

I’m sure I forgot a bunch… but am looking forward to the rest of December, and reminding myself of them.

What’s on your list?

Take care friends, and happy holidays!
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2 thoughts on “DECEMBER RULES”

  1. I enjoy the endless family time. I just insert whatever activity I can and get to doing it with the family. I enjoy the fact that there is not much of schedule that has to be maintained most of the time. Not as many errands. Not as much work or school. Just time together. That is what I look forward to each year and am looking forward to this year.

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