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Disclaimer/Privacy Policy

I am certainly not an expert at this whole legal jargon thing, but have been told a disclaimer/privacy policy is a good thing to have. So here you have it! My no-nonsense CYA type stuff, written in plain and easy to understand english:

All thoughts and ideas shared on my website, social media and newsletter are my own. The stories I write are based on personal experience, and are intended to entertain, inspire, and lift up the reader. The information and stories shared are for entertainment purposes, and can NOT be taken as professional or medical advice. I will occasionally quote information from outside sources, and credit will be given. When sharing quotes I will fact check the original source to the best of my ability. Any shared links are purely because I find them interesting or informative, I am not paid any commission for doing so.

Any information collected is safely stored on secure servers by one of the companies I use to operate my website and/or newsletter: WordPress, NameCheap, SiteGround, Mailerlite and my email provider. I will never sell or trade your information. 

When sharing photos, videos or other media with me, you agree to have them posted on my site, social media, or newsletter; the intention being to bring together my readers and share a gallery of similar ideas or interests. These images may also be stored on my personal computer while waiting for enough shared images to produce a gallery. If you wish to share an image or video with me, but do NOT want it posted to any of my media channels, please just let me know and I will of course honour your request.

As with all websites, your data and activity will be tracked and cookies stored by visiting my website, or associated sites.

If you leave a comment it is available for public viewing, and will remain there indefinitely for purposes of follow up comments etc. Thoughts and ideas shared in those follow up comments are out of my control. 

Every effort is made to ensure my website,, and other associated sites, are maintained to be secure. Any links shared are done so only when I believe they are trusted sites. By visiting any of these sites though, you understand that I am not liable for any unexpected damages caused by, but not limited to, any virus that can affect your device. Visiting any links, accessing any sites, or downloading any information is done so at your own risk.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Updated: March 14th, 2022