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Do better

Today I share with you one of my favourite quotes: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” –Maya Angelou.

I first mentioned this quote within my newsletter, episode 14 to be exact, and it was in response to resolutions–specifically that we should be embracing them whenever the mood strikes, at any time of year–because really, resolutions at their core are the result of learning, doing some work, and then applying the lesson to be just a little bit better than you were before, and why should that be limited to only once a year? (Pssst: It’s how we do better!)

I find this quote so powerful because it applies to everyone, in all walks of life, at every point in their life, and if we all lived by these words the world would truly be the most amazing place. We would shine through struggle, simply because we knew the secret, the potential, the beauty of embracing the lesson beneath. The bittersweet becomes sublime.

That said, it’s safe to assume I’m always working on something, sooo what am I working on this week? Well, it’s something that affects us all, some more than others, and sometimes you may not even be aware it’s happening because it creeps in, dishes out nastiness, and then carries on its merry way. You can’t even help it, sometimes the words just fall out.

For example: you’re working hard on something important, and you’re like, really focused, and someone interrupts with trivial nonsense. In your mind you think something like, “Gah! Can’t you see I’m busy? Just go and try to help yourself right now and leave me alone!” But of course, saying that would be rude. So something like “yup, just a minute” comes out.

Now, think about your voice in that moment. What did it sound like? Did you consider your internal dialogue, and how NOT to let those feeling seep into your tone? And beyond your words and voice, what did your body language say? I know for me there’s potential for a sigh, and maybe a hint of irritation, which results in an overall negative feel. It’s not intentional, but there it is–the interrupting party feels it, you know it, and now it’s time to own up to it.

*Deep Breath* “I’m sorry, I’m just really involved in this… Could you give me a moment to finish this thought? Then, of course I can help you out!” Or something like that anyways. (But perhaps that’s just my Canadian showing–apparently we apologize for everything, heh😎) Anyways…

Maybe it’s nothing like that; maybe you’re just in a rush and throw out some words to keep things moving; “C’monnnn, let’s goooo, we’re gonna be late!” Or you’re tired, or stressed, or any collection of unfortunate situations that lead to a less than happy you. Whatever the case, it’s important to remember that WHAT we say is only part of the picture; HOW we say it can change the meaning entirely.

No, we never do it intentionally–at least no one I choose to keep within my circle–but it does happen. Don’t beat yourself up when you dish out the ugly either, you’re only human, and you’ll NEVER be able to get it right every single time. We all make mistakes, get frustrated, and cause hurt feelings; so I REALLY want to stress that when you take time to reflect on yourself and work on doing better, that does not, in any way shape or form, mean that you, as you are right now, are not doing good enough.

What I’m suggesting is to bring your awareness into focus, and be open to embracing a life of learning and growth. Learning never ends. Life is just one big ol’ journey of lessons. But, recognizing our journey is the easy part. Reflecting and connecting with each other while sharing our vulnerabilities takes a deep breath of courage, but I encourage you now to step into that discomfort, and embrace personal growth. It’s worth it. Well, at least I think it is, and if you’re here with me I suspect you may agree.

❤️Take care friends!


**Today’s episode is dedicated to a friend of mine who always encourages others to DO BETTER–but in the most caring, endearing, heartfelt kinda way, while also inducing those feel-good belly laughs. You know who you are, and you’re amazing!**

***This blog was originally a newsletter segment that was published in September 2022. If you enjoyed it and want to stay up to date with all my current work, please consider subscribing to my newsletter! You can do that by going back to the main page, or by clicking here: Thank you!***

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