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Failed Resolution… already?

It’s that time again: New Year, new hopes, new dreams, NEW YOU! Right?–at least, that’s what the resolution makers will tell you–but I’m here to tell you why it’s ok to let go of those resolution expectations.

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Every year January rolls in with the pressure of bettering yourself in some way. While I do believe self-improvement should be near the top of everyone’s list–it’s what inspires me to write for you–it shouldn’t be at the expense of feeling like a failure. That’s how it feels, doesn’t it? You’re either plugging along, working that resolution and living the good life, or you’ve given up already, and praying no one asks you about it. 

If you’ve failed already, be easy on yourself.

Resolutions are tough because they force you to make big changes while recovering from the post holiday shenanigans while also trying to find your feet as you dive back into the grind. We’re pushed into feeling like we’re not good enough, and the new year gives us the chance to be better–as if we aren’t already enough somehow–Reminder: You ARE enough, exactly as you are.

There also seems to be this societal expectation that you have to make a resolution, but why?

Why should we feel the pangs of guilt when we didn’t choose to chain ourselves to an expectation? Especially one that leaves no room for negotiation, zero tolerance for stumbles or strife, just a label: “success” or failure.” 

Shouldn’t it just be about having an idea you want to pursue, at any time of year, and just doing it? I think so. So join me 😊 Throw aside those all hailed resolutions–they’re thick with judgement anyways–and commit to following your heart. 

Make the commitment to yourself, today and everyday, that you will do your best to be your best, even if yesterday was a total bomb. We can’t win all the time. Remember that one bad day–or week, or month–is simply life, and not a reflection of who you are or how hard you’re working. Keep going. Keep Dreaming.

So take care friends, happy new year, and remember: you are amazing ❤️


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