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What exactly is an “Altered Expectation?”

Hello and Welcome 😊 Since you’re here I can imagine you’ve encountered my book “altered expectations,” and are probably wondering what it’s all about. So here we go: It’s a quick and simple little read that I published last year as a freebie offering to all my newsletter subscribers–here’s the thing though, my simple little book grabbed the attention of many readers, gave them fresh insight into the frustrations of their own lives, and I know this because they’ve told me so. My hope is you take the time to read it too, for I know you will be able to apply my simple concepts to the complexities of your own life, giving you the power of perspective over seemingly impossible situations.

Below you’ll find the very first mention of altered expectations–as written in episode NUMBER ONE of my newsletter Wednesday Inspirations–and the very foundation on which my book was built. If the idea of altered expectations speaks to you, please consider subscribing to my newsletter to read the full book (along with the randomly timed newsletters that will hit your inbox whenever I have the time to make it happen!)



Segment from”Wednesday Inspirations” Episode ONE:

Life is a parade of expectations: Appointments and meetings, parties and outings, desired outcomes of various varieties. We try not to set the bar too high, worried we may get let down; “Zero expectations” you might say, I wonder though… Is that even possible?

Consider the movie theater: You walk in, and expect to be moderately entertained… Easy. Expectation met. But, if you’re expecting a life changing titanic type of situation, no amount of “zero expectations, zero expectations” will help. Chanting away like a gypsy turned wild, hoping and pleading that you aren’t setting yourself up for disappointment–too late, expectations have already been set–who did you think you were fooling anyways?

Expectations. They weave their way in and out of daily life, seemingly innocent, but unbeknownst to you and me they’re sinking in their claws; and to further their charm, they can hold enough power to shape the way we act and feel. This truly fascinates me! For this reason, altered expectations is a segment you can expect to see regularly. Although I enjoy discovering the ways in which expectations shape our world, I am not immune. I too set expectations and feel let down, sinking into the disappointment, overreacting–as we humans do–but these moments drive reflection, and make me wonder: Why? Why did emotions take over, what lesson can I take from this?

Enter my inspiration for this segment:

It came in the form of a bookshelf. I held a vision to display perfection, organization, an offer of pure delight to any passionate reader… But babies never make things easy. Chaos ensues as busy hands take the reins; every cube of organization turned upside down, a visual display of disruption, books pulled out of order, and onto the floor…

I suppose I never truly expected my beautiful bookshelf to stay intact amidst the attack of a toddler, but I did hope for it. I hoped for a break in the busy-ness, to settle on a toy, a play break that left my bookshelf untouched. No such luck. Little hands wrapped their way around every corner of my vision, and twisted it out of focus. Maybe one day my world will be my own.

Today though I reflect, and realize my reality: I share it with a toddler. The axis of my world spins up on the whims of my child… But that won’t last forever. So, I can choose to fight against this wave, or accept it, rolling with the situation I have been handed. Accept that a bookshelf, in all its insignificance, can be altered to suit the needs of this momma. Cars and loveys strewn about. Blocks and balls, stuffies and suckies, all offerings of peace, hoping to appease the wee one who knows nothing of the needs of others.

I pick my battles, and this is not one of them, so moving on, waiting for this stage to pass, embracing my baby and his curiosity. One day I can have my bookshelf of beauty, but today is not that day, and that’s okay.

Below image: “The Dream” was Day one, “The Reality” was day two 🤣 Welcome to my world! How do Altered Expectations shape your world? I’d love to hear from you!

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